Culver City Dub Collective : Dos

Culver City Dub Collective is a group of musicians who came together to release an album of slightly California-cool songs with a dash of classic reggae soul at the behest of guitarist Franchot Tone and drummer Adam Topol.


Topol, who is best known as Jack Johnson’s drummer, recruited a range of friends to lend a hand in the recording of Dos, including Ben Harper and Johnson, among others. But like many side-projects, this album is not overly ambitious, seeming, instead, to satisfy a personal desire for experimentation with a atypical style of music for the players. 


While Dos is not particular adventurous, focusing more on a simple groove, it at times sounds like a Jack Johnson throwaway song with no vocals (no doubt due to the presence of Topol and Johnson’s bassist Merlo Podlewski).


Who knows, perhaps some of these simple tunes may find new life on the soundtrack to Johnson’s next surf film.



Everloving Records will release Dos on July 31.