Crocodiles : Sleep Forever


After releasing their first album, Summer of Hate, in 2008, Crocodiles were a new band on the rise. The album created good reviews in the music press, and proved they had talent, but would their sophomore effort be asnotable? 

Crocodiles second album, Sleep Forever, is indeed just as euphoric as the first. Alex Kacha, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, founders of the San Diego band, recorded the album live on vintage musical instruments with producer James Ford. Just as on Summer of Hate,the charm-filled lead vocals are haunting. In “Hollow Hollow Eyes,” the vocals are a steady, melodic trance that contrasts the ripping guitar feedback that punctuates the background.  “Girl inBlack” will resonate with every girl that has ever stood in the back of a concert, waiting for the lead singer to notice her: the single, clarifying, piano-esque notes are reminders of a fleeting rock-and-roll fairy tale. “Girl in Black” slows the album down, just enough for you to catch your breath, before Crocodiles pound away again on the title cut. The strongest track is “Hearts of Love,” with a catchy melody, strong organ and guitar riffs, and painfully romantic lyrics, the song epitomizes what the rest of the album is – hazy, blissful music that is a force majeure.

The combination of vintage musical instruments, live recording and catchy tunes, Sleep Forever proves that Crocodiles are here to stay. 

Sleep Forever is out now on Fat Possum Records.