Cornmeal & Brock Butler, 2/17/11


Cornmeal (Brock Butler opener)
The Double Door Inn
Charlotte, NC
February 17, 2011

There was a time when the name Brock Butler was anything but likely to appear alongside a traditional with a progressive lean bluegrass act such as Cornmeal. Of course those times were when Butler was almost solely involved with his main project, Perpetual Groove. These days while fronting PGroove remains to be Butler’s primary occupation, he can be found taking his solo act into more multi-dimensional domains.

On this night, he would bring his singer-songwriter brand to Charlotte, NC as an opener for the Chicago native act known as Cornmeal that has been taking the festival and national jam scene by storm with a surprising fervor. So when the The Double Door announced its bill consisting of the two acts, it made perfect sense especially since Jam Cruise 9 brought Butler and Allie Kral (fiddle player) together for sets that only Jam Cruise can deliver. Seemingly, a somewhat odd couple was formed. Not surprisingly, both acts delivered for the rather small crowd gathered at the intimate venue on a Thursday night. 

Photographers Brad Kuntz and Vikas Nambiar were on the scene to document the action from both of their photographically unique perspectives. 

Click the thumbnail to View photos from the show by  Vikas Nambiar & Brad Kuntz