Corey Harris: Zion Crossroads

Corey Harris has gained critical acclaim as a purveyor of blues and roots music, but with Zion Crossroads, he further broadens his range with a colorful collection of compositions spawned by travels to Africa.

Harris infuses reggae and soul into his bluesy style with the astute, detailed approach that has marked his career.  Over 13 spirited, upbeat tracks Harris’ shines both lyrically and musically, creating distinct rum-bottle rhythms, labeled with verse detailing struggle, life and redemption. 

The woozy horn melody of “Ark of the Covenant” is underpinned by a Rastafarian shuffle, opening the door to the album’s mellow environs. 

Such is the case with the warm upswing of “Heathen Rage” and the bass brawn of “In the Morning,” both glowing with an island ease that expands upon Harris’s authentic embrace of music’s roots.

Zion Crossroads further defines Harris as one of today’s most provocative artists; one whose work is well researched and tethered to yesterday, fresh with innovation and devoid of imitation.