Corey Harris :

corey-harris-blu.jpgFollowing up on the heels of the successful Zion Crossroads recording, Corey Harris delivers the diverse and richly rewarding disc,

Harris’ history of covering deep southern blues and african music has been documented and featured in soundtracks and documentaries. is, in many ways, a return to form of his debut 1995 album Between Midnight and Day and its 1997 follow up Fish Ain’t Bitin’ with it’s deep lyrical bent and intricate instrumentation. A tune like "Black" challenges the listener to trace it’s compositional roots back to its beginnings, and "Blues" takes a journey that strips the song’s framework as Harris’ soulful voice resonates intensely.

Produced by Chris "Peanut" Whitley, is yet another step forward for Corey Harris, focusing in on his strong arrangements to manufacture one of 2009’s best blues gems. is out now on Telarc.