Cool spring jams with Ekoostik Hookah

Ekoostik Hookah
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 12, 2008

Ekoostik Hookah cruised into Annie’s entertainment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 12 in the middle of a spring tour that saw the band unearthing old stand by’s and new material they are working on.

Starting the Cincinnati show with "Under Full Sail," the ensemble gelled immediately, with singers Dave Katz and John Mullins sharing harmonies. "Brighter Day" brought back memories of their first live album when they became the darlings of the college campus circuit.

A trippy waltz through "Schwa" had bassist Cliff Starbuck smiling as he sang the composition’s chorus aloud to the packed Hookah fans on the floor. Dave Katz dominated center stage, serenading the small building with his cover of Bad Company’s "Seagull." Mullins and lead guitarist Steve Sweney shared leads on a fiery version of "One World" and the Deep Purple nugget, "Hush."

Hookah came out refreshed for the second set as they launched into a wickedly inspired "Way of the World" that had many heads bobbing along to drummer Eric Lanese’s powerhouse drumming. Two old favorites were joined back to back as "Ballad of Sam McCully" eased slowly into the cards and saloon tale of "Ol’ Montana Red Dog." 

After the many minutes of a standing ovation, Ekoostik Hookah returned to the stage to bring it all back home again with the curveball encore of the Allman Brothers’ peach, "Revival." It was the perfect ending on a brisk and cool spring night.

Set 1: Under Full Sail, Brighter Day, The Devil & Me, Schwa, San Griol, Dumpster, Seagull- Sheepdog, One World, Shadane- Hush
Set 2: Way of the World, Reciprocity, Roadsick Blue, Ballad of Sam McCully, Ol Montana Red Dog, Deal With It, Party Girl

Encore: Revival