Conspirator & Zoogma, 3/31/11


Conspirator with Zoogma
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
March 31, 2011


Conspirator is taking the electronic music world by storm. Featuring Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits), Chris Michetti (RAQ) and Mike Greenfield (Lotus), this quartet of notables is creating new music as quickly as it can be prepped.

It was fitting that Oxford, MS based electronic/fusion ensemble Zoogma opened the evening. This band has done nothing but evolve. Sticking mainly to material from their most recent studio effort, Recreational Vehicles (available for free download here), they were tight and their youthful energy was pleasing to witness. One can only hope that the glimmer that is still ever-present in these young musicians’ eyes doesn’t fade away as has happened to many of their predecessors. They are in a prime position to have the proverbial torch passed to them in a day in time when electronic music is anything but on its way out.

Conspirator took the stage and straight to their brand of refreshingly creative organic synth…if that makes sense.

The addition of Chris Michetti has launched what once seemed to simply be something for Magner and Brownstein to do in their off time into a full-fledged stand alone project. On this night, Mike Greenfield filled the slot of drummer in what has become a rotating cast of some of the best that the scene has to offer.

On a night that was filled with fusion that yielded segues and segues that yielded fusion, David Shehi was on the scene from opening dub to closing step.


Conspirator Setlist

Acid Rap, BoomShanker > Step Inside > Fascinate, Brick In The Wall > Neck Romancer > Gangster > Neck Romancer > Velvet Red, Commercial Amen > Oname Wa >
Portal To An Empty Head, Park Ave.
Encore: Mirrors (w/ Lane Shaw)


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And be sure to check out the video interview, scene and live footage from the evening here