Conspirator : From the Bus (Video)

What started as a side-project for Disco Biscuits Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner has now become a full fledged bona fide stand-alone ensemble.

With the addition of RAQ’s Chris Michetti a little over a year ago and the implementation of a revolving cast of all-star drummers (currently Mike Greenfield of Lotus),  Conspirator meets the very definition of organic electronica.

Though highly structured and disciplined, the improvisation from this supergroup comprised of veteran professionals is on the spot and collective…  making Conspirator a front-running force to be reckoned within the electronic world’s scene that continues to flourish.


Honest Tune caught up with Conspirator while on tour for an interview

with Magner, Michetti, and Greenfield prior to their Atlanta gig on 3/31/11.