Col. Bruce update: Reads Sling Blade script, talks Basically Frightened and ABB Beacon

It is always a pleasure to sit down for a chat with Col. Bruce, but on the rare occasion when he gives the “go ahead” to hit record on a video camera, it is extra special because it allows others in on the conversations.

On this particular night, after many months (or even a year) of promising to bring him one of Robert Duvall’s original Sling Blade scripts for his perusing, memory served on the way out the door and the Colonel was overjoyed to the point that he took to portraying his role in the film, Morris.

Morris was Doyle Hargrave’s (played by Dwight Yoakam) band manager in the film and though his time on the film was unfortunately brief, the role was as memorable as any and the lines that Bruce reads in the video below (for the first time in 17 years) were some of the most memorable in the entire film.

While camera ready, he goes on to talk Basically Frightened, the biopic that features footage from throughout Hampton’s life and interviews with virtually every living notable who has come into contact with their hero and was released to the masses at the Atlanta Film Festival and will be shown next in Marietta, GA on 7/21/12 at The Strand Theatre.

Fiinally, he talked briefly about stepping in at the Beacon during the recent Allman Brothers run. Ever humble, he turned the camera to his latest prodigy, the incredible A.J. Ghent, who blew our mind in Gadsden and in Atlanta with Leftover Salmon.



Col. Bruce Hampton: Video Update (Honest Tune Exclusive)

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