Col. Bruce unveils the winner of Honest Tune’s Mike Gordon contest (VIDEO)



So…about this whole Mike Gordon contest . Yeah, you thought we forgot. Well not so fast. For a contest like this, we felt that the injection of just a little bit more madness was necessary to completely fulfill the vision.

In our continued attempt to bring you things that are both delightful, strange, and delightfully strange, we asked Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.) to help us in our efforts.

We felt that the addition of outstruction (See Mike Gordon’s Outside Out) was a brilliant idea…though one of which we were admittedly “Basically Frightened.”

Being the kind soul that he is, the Colonel took pity on us, told a story about Sun Ra, Jon Fishman, and a book bequeathed by a Turkish midget in the video below. He also drew two names out of a pitcher. The rest is history.

Did we mention that we love Bruce Hampton? Well…we do.