Col. Bruce Hampton & The Pharaoh Gummitt, 3/22/12

Col. Bruce Hampton & The Pharaoh Gummitt
Mexicali Live
Teaneck, NJ
March 22, 2012



Col. Bruce has been a busy guy here lately. First of all, the much anticipated documentary on the mysterious marvel of Zambi origin, Basically Frightened, is officially set to be seen outside the confines of a laptop sitting beside the Col; having debuted on March 30 at the Atlanta Film Festival. Second of all, he is fresh off of a guest spot with the Allman Brothers, where he, among others, stepped up in an attempt to fill in for fallen leader Gregg who had to sit out for the band’s 3/25 Beacon performance due to a slipped disc. As a side note, he vocally crushed the perfectly picked number for his voice, Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful.”

Having played a musically paternal (or crazy uncle) role to two shining Allman stars, Oteil Burbiridge and Derek Trucks, who credits Hampton with being the sole reason for why he stayed in music, it was no surprise that a Pharaoh Gummitt gig was scheduled to coincide with the aforementioned ABB Beacon run. Many do it. Amongst others including Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Duane Trucks, who also drums in Bruce’s Pharaoh Gummitt and Quark Alliance, scheduled a show with his new project, Flannel Church, as well. It keeps the party rolling long into the night and far beyond Beacon quitting time.

In tow with Bruce and The Pharaoh players on their rare trip to the Garden State was a special guest guitarist, Will Bernard.


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