Club d’Elf: Perhapsody

When Club d’ Elf  released its debut CD, Now I Understand, last year,  the band performed a CD release show at Boston’s Lizard Lounge, where it had been playing every other Thursday night since 1998. For this special evening, bassist Mike Rivard put together an all-star version of the band’s ever-evolving lineup, including the dual guitars of Dave Tronzo and Duke Levine, keyboardist extraordinaire John Medeski,  Soulive’s Mister Rourke on turntables and samples, and original d’ Elf drummer Erik Kerr. The performance was captured on multi-track and is now being released under the title Perhapsody, an excellent showcase of Rivard’s distinctly unique musical style. 


Like the band’s previous releases, Perhapsody continues to show Rivard’s inklings towards Moroccan folk music (particularly when he set aside his bass in favor of a sintir), mixed with a heavy dose of funk and serious Miles Davis-inspired jazz. The band is at its best when taking on improvisations, including “Sin Gas” and “Perhapsody,” the latter featuring a stellar Wurlitzer solo by Medeski. 


Perhapsody also heralds a new innovation the band’s label, Kufala Records, has developed for packaging CDs – a baggie that is 98% transparent, non-toxic, and free of chemicals and plastic. The bag is also biodegradable, smoke-able, made from the same paper as clear rolling papers, and is the first truly non-plastic CD packaging.

 Perhapsody is out on Kufala Records