Cleveland rocks with Lotus


House of Blues
Cleveland, Ohio
October 29, 2008

On the drive into downtown Cleveland a church sign read “Forbidden fruits create many jams.” 

Strawberry?  Raspberry?  Huckleberry?

How about Lotus!

lotushalloween 010.jpgLotus, the Philadelphia jam-band had just embarked on its “Hammerstrike Tour” and the next stop was the House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio.  Guitarist Luke Miller took the stage wearing a Philadelphia Phillies t-shirt.  Luke pumped his fists in joy because the Phillies had just won the World Series over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  The Cleveland fans could care less. 

"Just play some music,” a fan yelped.  The band warmed up the crowd with the classic tune “Spiritualize.” 

Lotus is one of the bands (along with The Disco Biscuits and Sound Tribe Sector 9) that have helped bring the electronica sound to the jam-band scene.  But what those similar bands lack is the funk that Lotus brings to the table.  It is that funk that makes your jaw hang open as you rock your head up and down.  It is that funk that pulls in a whole new generation of ex-raver’s looking to appreciate music on a level that doesn’t take place on turntables. 

The band played a few songs off the new album including “Modicum,” “Hammerstrike,” and “Bellweather,” which all offer a slightly popper-rock oriented sound.  But it was not until they played the classic Lotus tunes “Wax,” and “Juggernaut,” that Gene Siskel rose from his grave and joined Roger Ebert to give the band dual ‘two-thumbs-up’ approval ratings.

As good as Lotus jams within their style of music they still lack one essential ingredient – lyrics.  Lyrics have that ability to further draw in the crowd and make them feel like an instrument themselves.  However, the good news is that this is a young talented group of musicians that will only continue to evolve.