Chris Barron on tour with the Time Bandits

~Initial Tourdates announced, Chris Barron and the Time Bandits on tour now!

upcoming regional performances:
Nov 30 2007 Awful Arthurs                Roanoke, Virginia
Dec 1 2007    12th & Porter               Nasvhille, Tennessee
Dec 3 2007    Rhythm & Brews         Chattanooga, Tennessee
Best known as the lead singer for the Grammy nominated band and multi-platinum recording artist the Spin Doctors, Chris Barron has already had the kind of musical career most artists could only dream of.  From the cover of Rolling Stone, to charting two singles in the Billboard top five ("Two Princes," "Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong"), the Spin Doctors helped define rock and roll in the early nineties, and ushered in a new bohemian musical movement that brought many underground sensations such as Blues Traveler, and even Phish, to the forefront of the mainstream music market.

It was in the midst of this success that Chris Barron was confronted with an enormous roadblock.  After waking up one morning having lost his voice, Chris Barron was diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal chord.  Specialists gave Chris a fifty percent chance of ever speaking in a normal voice again. After a regimen of everything from acupuncture to prescription steroids and intensive vocal training, Chris Barron is fully recovered and singing better than ever, charming audiences all over again as a solo artist with his sincerity and vocal style that has made his voice recognizable to millions all over the world.

Currently, Chris Barron announces the release  of his second solo-album, Pancho and the Kid.  Although not a complete departure from his previous work,
fans and new audiences will be more than surprised with the depth and diversity of his new album.  From the Americana-roots driven inflections of "Louisiana Holiday," to the brooding, yet uplifting orchestral arrangements of "Can’t Kick the Habit," Pancho and the Kid is a robust collection of timeless songs that truly speak to a wide array of music listeners. Lyrically driven, Pancho and the Kid also displays Barron’s gift for crafting unforgettable songs.  As the chief songwriting force for the Spin Doctors, Barron captured a whimsical aura in the Spin Doctor’s hits.  The energy that fueled The Spin Doctors is still readily apparent, but with "Pancho and the Kid," Barron takes A decidedly more reflective tone, and the results are stunning.

Chris Barron is now on tour in support of Pancho and the Kid backed by his new band, The Time Bandits.   Fans of his music will hear new interpretations of some Spin Doctors’ favorites, new tracks off Pancho and the Kid, as well as selections from Chris Barron’s vast collection of recordings and unreleased material.  For more information on the new album, the tour, or Chris Barron, please visit: