Charlie Pickett : Bar Band Americanus – The Best of Charlie Pickett And …

charlie_picket_americanus.jpgListening to the ’80’s compilation, Bar Band Americanus -The Best of Charlie Pickett And …, it is hard to believe that Charlie Pickett, the venerable Florida institution, never broke the major charts in a big way. That, perhaps, is the hidden allure that brings aficionados back to the alternative tunesmith time and again.

A wide ranging cross-section of driving rockers and greasy ballads, Bar Band Americanuscaptures the  peaks and valleys of Pickett and company’s rough-edged chemistry, starting with ’85’s gripping "All Love Gone" from the Route 33 album. "Get Off On Your Porch" is downright Jagger/Richards territory, and Pickett’s backing unit of Dave Froshnider on lead guitar, Johnny Galway on percussion, and Marco Pettit on bass pursue staggered time signatures to find the dimly lit alleys inside the beating heart of the American night. A skewed slow burner, "Liked It A Lot" from the ’84 EP Cowboy Junkie Au-Go-Go reveals Pickett’s natural ability to play off guitarist Johnny Salton’s wicked guitar lines.

An introduction to one of The Sunshine State’s best kept secrets, and a highly recommended anthology of performance art, Bar Band Americanus continues the ongoing legend of Charlie Pickett and his vast recorded catalog.     

Bar Band Americanus: The Best of Charlie Pickett And … is out now on Bloodshot Records.