Charitable Double My Morning Jacket Coverage : A photo gallery and contest

File0439_copy.jpgThis summer, we at Honest Tune have been enamored by My Morning Jacket. On the heels of the recent album, Circuital,  a record that represents some of the band’s greatest work to date, the summer has turned songs that have been reeling from iPod’s for less than 90 days into honest choral declarations being sung in packed venues across the nation from a legion of adoring fans. It seems that we finally have a jamband with a hippie messiah (in front man Jim James) that has hit the big time.

We have extensively covered their live sets and shows and whether at Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, Hangout, Lollapalooza or Red Rocks and now, Tuscaloosa, the sound — that is as equally reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd as it is Pearl Jam or The Doors — remains as fresh and smooth as one of Kentucky’s other fine exports: a recently seal-cracked bottle of fine bourbon.

Unfortunately, the summer also brought some things that were disastrous; most notably, at the hands of Mother Nature,  the fiercest tornadic month since weather began being recorded in the United States. Amongst the devastation left in April and early May was the destruction caused by the supercell EF-4 that struck in Tuscaloosa, AL on April 27.


Shortly thereafter, MMJ announced a benefit concert for the ravished but strong community and on August 19, they brought Neko Case and Phosphorescent out to raise funds for the local United Way… and if there is one thing that Honest Tune loves as much as contests, festivals and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, it is charitable efforts (our Tuscaloosa benefit items sold out, but some Joplin items remain). Naturally, we had to cover this event, and quite the event that it was. It was well played, well sung and highlighted by a stretched out “Steam Engine,” but moreover, by the general atmosphere that began on stage and resonated within the crowd of mostly twenty-somethings. Further, it came complete with one of MMJ’s standard stage prop bears dressed as Paul “Bear” Bryant with a “Live United” t-shirt on and multiple comments on the strength of the community from James, who along with his band mates, followed the storm’s path with NPR earlier in the day. In spite of the greatness that took place in T-Town, rather than recite the occurrences of the evening, we have decided to do something a little different and do some more donating ourselves.


But first, click on the thumbnail for a photo gallery from Tuscaloosa…


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Second, the goods…


What you are playing for:


1) You are entering to win either (1) copy of Circuital (vinyl) that is signed by My Morning Jacket and (1) drumstick that is signed by My Morning Jacket drummer, Patrick Hallahan OR (1) copy of Circuital (CD) that is signed by My Morning Jacket. 2) There will be only one first place prize winner (the vinyl and the drumstick) and one second place prize winner (the CD)


How to enter:


1) After reading the eligibility requirements below, go here and enter.


How a winner will be chosen:


1) All of the entered names will be copied from the survey site and pasted into a computer generated random name picker. All of this will be videotaped so that nobody can cry foul. To see examples of us using this tool, click here or here.

2) THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS Monday, 9/5/11 at 11:59 PM CST 



Eligibility requirements:


1) No previous or current Honest Tune editor/staff may enter.

2) Contributors may enter.

3) Only one entry per person will be allowed and IP Addresses are logged on the survey site.

4) Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and from within the continental United States.


The coolest part:


1) In the wake of yet another blow from Mother Nature, Honest Tune will donate a dollar for every UNIQUE entry to VERMONT RED CROSS SPECIFICALLY FOR HURRICANE/FLOOD VICTIM RELIEF**


Click the photo above or here to enter!



Fine Print: This contest is solely the responsibility of Honest Tune. It is not affiliated with My Morning Jacket, ATO Records or other official representatives of My Morning Jacket. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. The winner will be contacted via his/her email address and must respond to the contact within 72 hours. All entries must be received from within the United States. All entries must be submitted via the above listed criteria and Honest Tune reserves the right to disqualify entries based solely its discretion and upon an entry’s lack of conformity to the standards outlined above. **The cap for the Honest Tune donation will be $350.00**