Celebrating St. Patty’s day with Ekoostik Hookah

Ekoostik Hookah

Madison Theater

Covington, Kentucky

March 17, 2007


St. Patrick’s Day was made even merrier with a visit from Ekoostik Hookah to Covington, Kentucky’s Madison Theater on March 17.  The band seemed unusually energized as they got down to business during the first set.

John Mullins’ universal composition, "Harmonic Convergence," led off the proceedings as he took center stage with a droll rasp in his tenor inflected voice.  Co-founder and keyboardist Dave Katz guided the group through a blistering "Backwoods Rose" that had many dancing on the packed floor. 

Bassist Cliff Starbuck held the bottom end during a rolling revue of "When the Sun Goes Down" and "The Devil and Me." 

Hookah spiked an end to the second set with Katz’ popular cover of the Laura Nyro classic, "And When I Die."  Steve Sweney’s power and volume on electric lead guitar teased the audience with Deep Purple’s "Smoke on the Water" before drummer Eric "The Beast" Lanese fueled Hookah’s drive into a swirling "Carousel" and the pounding original, "Thumper."

Ekoostik Hookah paid tribute to St. Patty’s by covering a Van Morrison standard, "Caravan," which flowed into "The Irish Ballad," and was topped off by the tune made famous by U2, "Party Girl." 

Showing a bubbling sense of play, the ensemble came back to encore with "Hookahville" before sending the Madison’s patrons home on a cool charm filled St. Patrick’s evening.


Set 1: Harmonic Convergence, Riverman, Backwoods Rose, Way of the World, Moonshiner, A Train in the Distance, When the Sun Goes Down, The Devil and Me, And When I Die

Set 2: We Survived!, Smoke on the Water tease, Carousel, Thumper, Walk Real Fast, Caravan, The Irish Ballad, Party Girl

Encore: Hookahville