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Why Tea Leaf Green is the next big thing…or not

You heard it here first:  Tea Leaf Green is the next big thing.


Except, you probably didn't hear it here first.  You probably heard someone else, somewhere else, say those same words.


Naming a band the "next big thing" in the quote-unquote jamband scene is arbitrary anyway, and really means nothing.  Frankly, there probably will never be another Grateful Dead or Phish, the two bands that have carried the jamband world on their shoulders since the 1960's.  Widespread Panic, the only other "jamband" out there right now capable of selling out large venues (in the South), is playing with renewed vigor since the whirlwind that is Jimmy Herring took the stage as an official member of the band.  Once they're gone, though, someone's going to have to take up the mantle as the king of the festival circuit.


That will be Tea Leaf Green.


But, maybe it won't be. 


Now, I'm not even a real TLG fan.  I've only seen them twice – the first time was this past summer at Wakarusa.  Leading up to their Sunday afternoon set there, I had heard a few live shows on CD.  I owned Taught to be Proud which had received consistent rotation in my CD player.  By the third song or so, I commented to my friend, a die-hard TLG fan, how I thought they were going to be big. 


However, I'll generally reserve final judgment for after a second show.  After all, a band could be on fire the first time I see them.  On the flip side, perhaps my first experience is a band playing a crappy show.  So……


Fast forward to their show this past Saturday night (11/3/06) in Nashville, Tennessee – my second show.


** talk about people who had traveled – Cali, NJ, Arkansas

**who I thought was going to be the next big thing – moe., Umphrey's 


and it had a lot to do with a ot of other factors but there are several legitimate defitions of sucess moe. for instance or galactic or mmw have solid fanbases, sell out thousand seat theaters all over the country and have record deals or their own record companies that's success for a musician


Jerry v. Barney – musical options for parents

It’s hard to type with one hand, but I’m holding about ten pounds of baby boy in my left arm.  While I’m sure it’s nothing like what Def Leppard’s drummer goes through each time he takes the stage, it’s still proving to be quite the daunting task.


Learning to do things while holding a baby is one of the many life changes I’ve had to make since my son was born.  I’m learning to get by on less sleep.  I’m also coming to grips with the fact that I’m going to be subjected to countless TV shows, movies, and music that I’m going to hate.


Fortunately, there are options out there for us parents that don’t want to listen to the Wiggles and Barney.  I never really thought about it, because frankly, until about four weeks ago, it just wasn’t the issue for me that it is now.

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