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Sautee Jamboree: where everyone plays well together



Sautee Jamboree

Sautee, Georgia

September 30, 2006


Words/photos by Michael Saba 


Sautee is a beautiful town nestled in the hills of north Georgia. Although it is often referenced as being "near Helen," it has much more character than the famous faux-alpine village.  The Sautee Jamboree is put together by the residents of the town in effort to benefit for the Sautee-Nacoochee Community Association, a non-profit community and arts center; more specifically, proceeds are ear-marked for the restoration of SNCA's historic gym.

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Honest Tune talks with…Jimbo Mathus

I came across the music of Jimbo Mathus as a result of exploring the varied and numerous paths which the Dickinson family has traveled.  It was easy to find Jimbo’s contributions documented in the current Mississippi roots and blues scene, as he has worked with a host of Southern talent.


Jimbo has just finished a new CD entitled Old Scool Hot Wings, recorded on his own vintage equipment, with his own choice of musicians.  He called on the people whom he has grown to love playing with the most but doesn’t see often, and captured down-home jams. The result demonstrates a common appreciation of and ability to perform traditional/roots music in a relevant and highly entertaining manner. The group-think and cohesiveness behind this project comes across loud and clear.


Jimbo is a unique storyteller, a gifted conversationalist, and has mastered the art of composing thoughts for strangers. He is adept at putting people instantly at ease, and one can’t help but immediately become engrossed in his straightforward southern way of expressing himself.  He is deeply steeped in the process of exploring and preserving the integrity of the way music began in this country, and takes the act of producing back to where it once belonged….from the heart and soul.


Jimbo Mathus is an artist who is working expertly at making old sounds familiar to new listeners and his body of work to date indicates that an immense gift has been passed down to him from a musical family, regional heritage and that great juke joint in the sky…the one that hovers over the entire Dirty South.  The ghosts of Mississippi have got nothing on this guy, and Honest Tune contributor Candise Kola is fairly certain they love to haunt him.

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