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New Riders of the Purple Sage: Behind the Scene

Inspiration is passed to us through the bloody sweat of nobodies and the quiet dignity of underground artists whose trials and tribulations allow them to grow and to understand themselves, and for those who remain stout upon their principles, to become one of those all important shards of porcelain, glass, or pebble.


As eras pass they will be studied via the few surviving tales that remain intact.  And while the mystery of life requires that a few pieces be missing to keep we troglodytes interested enough to hold our attention upon advancement, it is the shattered puzzle of mosaic stories that form our cultural icons. Icons raised by a collection of individuals and not those raised by the mobs at market are strong enough to test time’s degrading march, able to be passed down to the minds of the next generations.  Enter The New Riders of the Purple Sage, a band known by the shard-missing story of Grateful Dead coat-tailer.  But layers are still unfolding, because David Nelson and Buddy Cage linger upon the adventure.

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