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Transcending through music: searching for “the moment.”

There’s a term used by the Allman Brothers Band – "hittin’ the note."  It’s the moment where everyone’s firing on all cylinders – the band’s locked in with each other and the audience, creating the perfect symbiotic relationship.  It’s what most musicians attempt to achieve on stage, and what most audience members seek out each time they purchase a concert ticket to see their favorite band.

Some fans who see enough music witness great moments frequently, but ask yourself – how many truly great moments do you see over the course of a lifetime?  Moments that you maybe call zen, where you are teleported to another place?

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Outformation paradox

It takes big cajones to walk away from your dream job, especially when it entails working with an idol.  When Sam Holt parted ways with Widespread Panic to blaze his own trail with Outformation, he did just that.  A certain segment of the Panic fan population wanted him to get the lead guitar job his former employers had open after George McConnell got the boot.  Fact is, though, it was never offered, and Holt’s gone on record as saying that even if it had been on the table, he’s not sure what he’d have done.  

Despite all this, a certain percentage of fans bag on Holt and company for sounding too much like Panic – the guitarist in particular.  Message board obsessives claim that he’s completely ripping off Michael Houser’s licks, phrasing, and his style. 

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The further adventures of a music-loving kid

Nearly two years ago I wrote a column that coincided with my debut child, Jonathan.  My piece was about how music choices for parents have gotten better over the years.  This is the follow-up, the sophomore release, of that column.

Jonathan will be two in July.  The past year and a half or so have been insane, to put it mildy.  It’s been like watching a tadpole morph into a frog, as each day he learns a new word, or a new "trick."

Picking the little guy up from daycare is a journey that’s about a half hour there and a half hour back depending on the traffic.  Now, we’ve been through our share of "parent-friendly" kid’s CDs on this daily road trip.  Since my last column, a few great (seriously) discs have come out.  His, and our, favorite for months was Little Mo’ McCoury – a bluegrass disc by the famed family. 

Then, about a week ago, we got Medeski, Martin, & Wood’s kiddie disc, Let’s Go Everywhere.  Finally, we were able to take McCoury out of the CD player.  Even the greatest music in the world can start to make you want to hit yourself in the head with a sledgehammer after the thousandth spin.

But, a few days back, a new milestone was reached.  Routinely I can sneak in some of "my" music on the return trip, and Jonathan doesn’t make a peep – he’s either too busy staring out the window, babbling on about every car we pass, or launching Cheerios all over the back of my car (it’s awesome to get pegged in the head with breakfast cereal by a one-year-old, by the way.)

The Grateful Dead’s Live from the Cow Palace disc was on, specifically the second disc, and more specific than that, "Eyes of the World."  Out of the corner of my eye, I see hands waving in the air.  I hear the occasional clap.

Jonathan’s in full-on dance mode in the back seat, and it brought the hugest smile to my face. 

Now, I’m not the biggest Dead fan, so it’s not so much the specific song or band, but the whole scene in general.  It was great to see him completely digging the music – MY music for once. 

Help Wanted

Honest Tune is seeking  qualified, enthusiastic candidates for the following positions:


1. Advertising Sales
Honest Tune is looking for a salesperson with a proven track record of success in print and/or online advertising sales. Commission -based pay. 


2. Circulation Manager

The Circulation Manager will work with existing newsstand distributors and will be responsible for subscriber acquisition and renewals. 


3. Graphic Designer

Honest Tune seeks an experienced graphic designer to assist with the production of promotional materials. Web and print. Please include examples with resume.


4. "Team Tune" Volunteers

Be a part of the Team Tune street team by helping to promote Honest Tune magazine in your town. Responsibilities include flyering, concert promotion coordination and spreading the word.


For all positions, please submit resume and related materials to Tom Speed via email at tspeed@