Carolyn Mark : Nothing Is Free

Carolyn Mark inhabits a fiery place filled with cynicism; devious characters haunt rural environs, spying on a lover’s knew girlfriend, doubting true love, and begging to be tamed. Carolyn_Mark_Nothing_Is_Free.jpg

Nothing Is Free, Mark’s sixth on Mint Records, finds the songstress as irreverent as ever, her boisterous tales delivered with a strong, polished voice that recalls her good friend and former bandmate Neko Case. If country music is about truth and honesty, Mark has tapped the core of the genre, pulling out all the stops with an unforgiving, unrelenting approach.

True, life is short, but viewed through Mark’s witty perspective, it isn’t so pretty.  “Need is the lie that want tells itself the life’s not as good as the dream,” she sings on “Distination:You,” and from the mouth of Carolyn Mark, this all seems so true.

Nothing Is Free is Out Now on Mint Records.