Capt. Soularcat : The Rise

captsoularcat_rise.jpgScott Warren and Benji Shanks emerge as a songwriting force on Captain Soularcat’s long player, The Rise. Capturing a distinctively Southern feel to his band’s sound, Shanks has become a dangerous guitar slinger and first rate producer with an intuitive knack for finding lost pockets of improvisational glory inside Captain Soularcat’s deep reservoir of blues-fueled rock and roll.

The title track skulks along like a dark night creeper, exposing delicious slide attacks from Shanks and insistently pushing Travis Cline’s forward pounding rhythms. A collectively-penned, group-effort colors the Allman Brothers/Black Crowes type gem, "Dead End Hell." Indeed, there are many comparisons to the Allmans’ strong blues persuasion, and Gov’t Mule’s psychedelic, swamp driven workouts on The Rise in the form of "You Ain’t Jokin’" and "Life’s Deal." Scott Warren holds down the bottom end on "Instead of Leaning" admirably. And, keyboardist Tony Giordano shines with lush, complimentary organ work on the aforementioned "Life’s Deal."

 The Riseis an apt moniker for this disc; it launches Captain Soularcat to a whole new level alongside it’s Southern rock contemporaries.          

The Rise is out now.