Calhoun : Falter Waver Cultivate

calhoun_falter_waver_cultivate_cover.gifCalhoun’s sound varies as much as the shifting wind that blows across the rolling hills of its Fort Worth, Texas home.

Stunningly scenic, the band’s third release, Falter Waver Cultivate, is a collection of songs that clearly illuminate songwriter Tim Locke and company doing what they do best, penning dramatic, concise compositions that, at times, swell until bursting (“Breathe”). Other times, songs exhale into soft-spoken, airy meditations that cling coolly to the skin (“Funeral for the Living”). Whether soaring above layers of orchestration, or nestled into unspoken subtleties, Calhoun boasts a mature, polished sound brimming with hooks and astute melodies, where string arrangements and blossoming pedal steal are always welcome visitors.

Calhoun’s past played out in a singer/songwriter vein, Locke at the helm with friends stopping in to lend a hand. Falter Waver Cultivate is not only a band affair, but a straightforward pronouncement of Calhoun’s sound, one that grows stronger by the day.

Falter Waver Cultivate is out now on Artist Garage.