Cabin Dogs: Electric Cabin

Twin brothers Rich and Rob Kwait, formerly of Kwait Brothers Band, have re-teamed as Cabin Dogs on a comfortably catchy debut, Electric Cabin.

Working alongside co-producer Aaron Hurwitz (The Band, Graham Parker), the brothers Kwait recorded Electric Cabin at a yellow farmhouse at the foot of Hurley mountain.

To say there’s an influence of The Band here is an understatement.  At times there’s perhaps too much of The Band’s shadow over this little gem of a recording.  But, for those who revel in the laid-back ease of Rick Danko’s material and San Francisco’s early ‘70s heyday of Workingman's Dead projects, tracks like “Phoenicia” and “New Beginning” will fill that void.

Both brothers are impressive multi-instrumentalists and well-matched vocalists whose piercing harmony elevates the country cover of Neil Young's “One of These Days.”  Full of calibrated musical magic, Cabin Dogs look inward to find sturdy, shimmering compositional gold on Electric Cabin.