Bush Tetras : Happy

Bush Tetras - Happy

Thirty-three years … Bush Tetras have been churning out some of the best NYC underground music for over three decades. And, chances are, 99 percent of the world has no idea who they are, which pretty much sucks because as they show on their latest album – released 15 years after it was recorded – Happy is one of the coolest albums of the year.

Despite an ever-changing line-up and sometimes years in between-gigs and albums, these women can churn out some amazing guitar-driven rock. Lead-off track, “Heart Attack,” sets the mood with grinding guitar chords that suck the listener into a mechanized groove that never lets go. Followed by the softly hypnotic “Slap,” Bush Tetras show themselves as original torch bearers of artists like Deborah Harry and Lydia Lunch, and they show why they are still influencing the likes of Florence & The Machine and Shirley Manson of Garbage.

It’s a crime that Happy sat unheard for so long, but don’t commit the crime of not hearing it as soon as you can.

Happy is out now on ROIR.