Buffalo Tom : Skins


It seemed that Buffalo Tom was stepping away from music after the release of Smitten in 1998 and a few songs in 1999, such as “Taillights Fade” used in the independent film of the same name, and “Carnation,” a double A-sided single with Liam Gallagher and Steve Cradock. Their next album, Three Easy Pieces, was released in 2007 with mixed reviews; critics argued that they sounded rusty from time off.

Skins, however, is nothing more than pure 1990s alternative rock that only a band from the era could recreate in 2011. The album is not as strong as earlier works like Big Red Letter Day, but it’s still a breathy, effortless rock album that will take you back to the 1990s independent rock scene in spirit and in sound. Harking back to sounds like the Wallflowers in the song “Don’t Forget Me” and Everclear in “Lost Weekend,” the album is a consistent addition to the band’s catalogue.

Skins is out now on Scrawny Records.