Bowlive II Night 10: Nigel Hall & Soulive, 3/12/11


Bowlive II, Night 10: Nigel Hall Band & Soulive
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
March 12, 2011

For night 10 of Soulive’s now annual two week residence, Bowlive, they welcomed Nigel Hall Band. Though Matisyahu was scheduled to perform, regrettably an issue with his voice prevented him from performing. Though the crowd was disappointed with the news, there was no time to fret as Nigel Hall and company would soon take the stage; getting crowd more than funk-crazed in their priming of the throng for another great night of Soulive.

On this night, Soulive welcomed special guest Taylor Hicks (of American Idol fame) who was the most underestimated sleeper on board Jam Cruise 9 as he sang with an almost angry passion and played the harp like it was nobody’s business, adding a blues flavor to any song within which he joined. His prowess coupled with the other special guest of the evening, Incubus guitarist Ben Kenney, and the musical aptitude of which Soulive possesses made for an evening filled with anything but grounded feet.    

Photographer extraordinaire Vernon Webb was there to capture the funkiness through his lens. 

Click the thumbnail to view Vernon Webb’s  photos from Nigel Hall Band

Click the thumbnail to view Vernon Webb’s  photos from Soulive