Boris Garcia : Once More Into the Bliss

boris_garcia_once_more_into_bliss.jpgBoris Garcia has a natural knack for charming its audience on the aptly titled Once More Into the Bliss. The band’s last recording, 2006’s Mother’s Finest, made its way onto adult alternative radio where a solid following was soon built. That energized base is sure to expand with the addictive grooves on Bliss.

One journey aboard the Celtic seafaring tale, "The Ballad of Captain Jack," is enough to produce visions of choppy waters, tough-minded sailors and smoky London pubs. "Everything is Going to be Fine" features the balanced rhythm section of Jeff Otto on bass and the pulsating beat of Stephe Ferraro on drums.

Boris Garcia’s uplifting connection to improvisational music comes via the buoyant and sunny track, "Holiday." The Byrds hold a special place inside the hearts and minds of the members of Boris Garcia as evidenced by the lightly riding country number "Through the Window." As "bliss"-ful a disc as one can expect in difficult times, Once More Into the Bliss offers a sustained wealth of catchy fare such as "She Wasn’t Born to Follow" that elevates Boris Garcia’s sound as they produce a marvel on their third and most intriguing set.     

Once More Into the Blissis out now on Dig Music/Ryko.