Bobby : Self-titled


After taking on the assignment to review the new record from trippy folk popsters Bobby, I went about pulling up some videos of the band on the internet.  After getting the first video started, my three-year-old son, Ben, wandered over, took a listen, and promptly said, “Daddy, I don’t like that song.Find another one.”

Now, before you dismiss my son’s request as toddler whimsy, I would like to take a moment to vouch for his taste in music.  Over the last year, the soundtrack for our trips to daycare has included, among others, “The Cave,” by Mumford and Sons, “Follow Me To The Sun,” by Grammy nominated cellist Dave Eggar, and “Amos Moses,” by country rock legend Jerry Reed – all choices made by Ben.I like to think that, amongst the preschool set, Ben has some mighty fine taste in music.

But, despite Ben’s misgivings, I soldiered on, listening to a few Bobby tunes online before receiving the record, which has since spent much time playing in my car.Bobby’s music is quirky, with a synth-pop feel and an edge of unpredictability.The record wanders from the monastic, chanting chorus of “We Saw,” to the vintage Depeche Mode feel of “Tomb Bloom,” before swaying through the dissonant conclusion of “Ginger (Water Birth)” and the ambiance of tunes like “Swimmychick” and “Groggy.”Each tune is a musical meandering, a nice and easy voyage, textured with layers of background echo and effect.All in all, the production is hypnotic and amazingly relaxing.

Now, to come full circle, I must say that “We Saw,” the disc opener, has become the most recent addition Ben has added to our regular drives around town.In fact, it is currently his most requested tune.It appears that Bobby has gotten his stamp approval, and that’s just fine by me.

Bobby’s self-titled debut is out now on Partisan Records.