BLVD: Electro Hop

The cross-pollination of music between artists often gives rise to a fresh creation. This fusion can evolve into a musical style and collaboration that is a new and perfect match that all involved seek to achieve.


On one fateful day during the Gem and Jam Festival in Tucson, Arizona such an event took place. A spontaneous collaboration between the trio (drummer Dylan McIntosh, bassist Tripp Bains, and electric guitarist Curtis Sloane) of San Francisco-based BLVD and Colorado-based MC Souleye blended the electro driven beats of the trio and rhythmic rhymes of Souleye seamlessly for the first time. The merging of these two artists birthed a new sound for BLVD that can be heard at concerts and festivals across the US.

BLVD is emerging quickly onto the music scene with their latest full-length release, Music for People. They bring freshness to the live electro, hip hop, and break-beat genres; their music samples, synth lines, and live performance mix to create a sound that uplifts and infuses audiences with a positively infectious smooth and grooving rhythm.

It is here in the fusion of those smooth pulsating sounds and Souleye’s poetic lyrics that a theme arises: BLVD’s musical message connects to audiences through rhymes about how music is healing, love, and the creative power that we all possess.

MC Souleye’s freestyle, together with the improvisation of McIntosh, Bains, and Sloane, is illuminating and provides for an energetic live show, allowing us to unfold on the dance floor to the contagious rhythmic vibes.  BLVD’s music introduces us to their new and highly evolved sound of electro-hop.

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