Blue Highway : Through the Window of a Train

blue_highway_window_train.jpgTennessee-based bluegrass group Blue Highway returns with Through The Window Of A Train, a 12 song cycle of Appalachian life and its hardships. Each composition tells a story, and Blue Highway supports with an integrated, inspired level of flowing musicianship.

Guitarist and vocalist Tim Stafford contributes to the title track, bringing a high lonesome melody that reminds one of "Man of Constant Sorrow." "Sycamore Hollow" unites dobro player Rob Ickes with mandolinist Shawn Lane. Circular strumming pushes the loose ranging rhythms of "Sycamore Hollow," and the tune lifts Through The Window Of A Train past the sadness of the pensive case studies inherent in "Homeless Man" and "Two Soldiers."

Social issues concentrate within the central set of Blue Highway’s recording, but beyond them lies the sterling dips and takeoffs of Jason Burleson’s steady vocals and banjo picking, mixed with bassist and singer Wayne Taylor’s low, bumping lines on the shining "Where Did The Morning Go?" It is because of their close, instinctive advances inside of the piercing acoustic strumming and natural blending of harmonies that makes each listener desire the ride to peer Through The Window Of A Train with bluegrass stalwarts Blue Highway.   

Out the Window of a Train is out now on Rounder Records.