Bisco rolls into ‘Bama


Disco Biscuits
Jupiter Bar & Grill
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
February 3, 2009

The Disco Biscuits…what can be said? Bluntly put, I have never seen these boys off their game. From open to close, they bring the heat, and on this blustery cold night (21 degrees) in Tuscaloosa, the heat was needed.

bisco1.jpgTo understand the dynamic of any show at the Jupiter Bar and Grill, one must first try to visualize your lollipop-licking, glow stuff-wielding, club style-dancing, old-hat hard core Bisco tour head mixing with a relatively young, crimson-wearing, college-going, heady beer-drinking, somewhat-new-to-the-scene University of Alabama student. However, the jam scene as we all know is all-inclusive and the Jupiter promotes this atmosphere very well, and the intermingling of beautiful sorority girls and natty dreaded electronica lovers seemingly went unnoticed.

The night started with an opening performance by local band, The Great Big No, and spawned bobbling heads from the crowd as the anticipation grew for the band that the attendees were anxiously awaiting.  This night was about The Disco Biscuits, the four piece jam scene native that hails from the faraway land of Philadelphia.

By 10:20pm, the layers of clothing that most came in wearing had been shed, and the body heat began to swirl when the Disco Biscuits took the stage with a stellar acid jazz infused “Munchkin Invasion.”  Those that were playing it cool and chilling at the bar were left with no choice but to stand up and share in this persuasive live groove as it slipped seamlessly into “Tamarin Alley.”

bisco2.jpgAfter this, the set went into a lull of sorts, allowing the smokers to catch a fire or a breath…whichever was needed, only to explode again as they brought the trance fusion full circle through the valley including the tribute to Muhammad Ali, “King of the World,” and to the peak with a blistering “Rock Candy” set closer that bred so much intensity in the crowd that even those who had promised people that they would leave after the first set dared not move. As set break ensued and I watched from afar,  I realized as I gazed upon this crowd, new fans had been born.

The second set started off with the well known, nasty, and funk-filled “Shem-Rah-Boo” then yielded to the lyrical “Confrontation” only to finally return to the show opener, “Munchkin Invasion.” The encore was a subtle version of the lyrically driven and fun “Kitchen Mitts.”

Overall, this night was a par performance from a band that continues to shine with innovative staying power because it does things like sell out shows on a bitterly cold Tuesday evening on a school night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Set I: Munchkin Invasion> Tamarin Alley, Triumph> Pilin’ It High> King Of The World> Rock Candy
Set II: Shem-Rah Boo> Confrontation> Munchkin Invasion, Rivers, House Dog Party Favor, Astronaut
Encore: Kitchen Mitts

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