Bill Callahan : Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle

bill_callahan_eagle.jpgBill Callahan has released what is surely one of the finest records of the year with his new, existentially driven, Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle. Callahan’s second release under his own name (Smog anyone?) is lonely and sparse, deep and compelling, all at the same time.  The experience of it is akin to having a spiritual awakening and a newfound appreciation of nature.  

As you listen to Callahan question "ordinary things" (like waves and trees) on the opening track, “Jim Cain,” all the way through to the final track, “Faith/Void,” in which he gives perhaps his most important advice to the human race (“It’s time to put God away, I put God away”), this album is chock full of imagery of the natural world and questions of existence.  It’s also a testament to the way Callahan’s guitar can be interwoven with some fantastic string arrangements that add significantly to the overall mood of the album.  

With the release of Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, Bill Callahan has invited us all to come along with him on a transcendental journey.  I recommend we follow.

Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle is out now on Drag City Records.