Big Head Todd and the Monsters : All the Love You Need

Possessing a lengthy history that includes several comebacks, Big Head Todd and The Monsters prove their durability is no fluke on the self-distributed long player All the Love You Need.


After gaining a strong following with 1993’s Sister Sweetly album, the trio of Big Head Todd and The Monsters ( Todd Park Mohr on guitars, Rob Squires on bass and Brian Nevin on drums) signed with big label Warner Bros., delivering Beautiful World and Live Monsters before being dropped in the late 1990’s. They rebounded after a four year hiatus with the 2002 gem, Riviera, sending the band back towards its western roots. Offering discounted copies of their latest to college campuses has sparked a resurgence of interest in Big Head Todd and The Monsters, and All the Love You Need produces muscle and firepower.

The opening shot of "Her Own Kinda Woman" brings to mind the raw punk that BHTM reveled in on 1994’s Stratagem disc. Produced by David Bianco, "Her Own Kinda Woman" struts along with full fledged horn attacks thrown in for good measure. The group coalesces around Mohr’s gently sailing choruses on the gritty and electric composition "Cruel Fate." But All the Love You Need‘s heart and soul resides inside the spoken title track, an effortlessly humming ditty that refuses to leave the brain after repeated listening.

Be prepared to give in to the melodic charms of one of rock’s best kept secrets, Big Head Todd and The Monsters. All the Love You Need returns the favor time and again.       

All the Love You Need is out now.