Big Gigantic : A Place Behind the Moon


The notion that Big Gigantic is simply an electronica outfit dedicated to keeping the party going by spinning cuts and turning knobs only tells half of the story. The other, more interesting half of the story is the duo’s intriguing integration of live instrumentation into their mix of bombastic grooves befitting a soundtrack for a 21st century John Shaft.

A Place Behind the Moon, the sophomore album from Dominic Lalli (producer, saxophone) and Jeremy Salken (drums), was produced by Alex B from The Pnuma Trio and continues to meld the organic and the electronic with pulsating bass and percolating layers of crystalline sound. Salken’s beats are solid and counterbalance the brass flights that emerge from Big Gigantic’s robust, bass-heavy masses of sound. Lalli’s sax work is overtly thematic, adding jazz nuance to the fertile landscapes that are woven from modern gadgetry.

Big Gigantic aren’t the first to add live instrumentation to electronica, but their approach on A Place Behind the Moon confirms a fearless pursuit of inventive musical directions.

A Place Behind the Moon is out now on 1320 Records