Ben Kweller : Changing Horses

ben_kweller_horses.jpgThough not exactly a country record, Changing Horses is far more Nashville or Austin than anything Ben Kweller has ever done.  Kweller reached deep into his Texas roots to find inspiration for songs like “Gypsy Rose,” “Flight,” and “Hurting You.” Each track is thick with vintage lap steel, courtesy of the Kitt Kitterman, making his debut on Kweller’s fourth, and perhaps finest, solo release.

While Kweller spends most  of his time on Changing Horses pondering life as an alt-country star, he is at his very best on the roadhouse blues cut “Sawdust Man,” with vocal style reminiscent of a McCartney-Lennon hybrid, circa Yellow Submarine-era.  Though Changing Horses is hardly innovative, it certainly is enjoyable.  The album may cause Kweller to lose older, closed-minded, fans, but is sure to win over many more along the way.

Changing Horses is out now on ATO Records.