Beck : Odelay Deluxe Edition

beck_odelay_delux.jpg Sometimes it makes sense to recreate an album in the way of a remix or even a b-sides project. The ever-innovative Beck certainly seems to be ahead of the pack with progressive, insightful decisions regarding his music and fans. Yet with the release of Odelay Deluxe Edition, the best factor is the reaffirmation of how good the album was in the first place. 

Massive hits like “Where It’s At,” “Jack-Ass,” “Devil’s Haircut” and “The New Pollution” reek of familiarity. However other gems like “Hotwax,” “Lord Only Knows” and “Novacane” may not seem as worn down by the tread of popularity. And they most certainly seem as unique and innovative today as they did back in 1996.

Where Odelay left off with “Computer Rock” the deluxe edition begins. “Deadweight” drifts along with a refreshing breeziness. “Inferno” mashes thing up in typical Beck fashion with huge hip hop beats, grungy guitar and elements of house music.  The second disc is where any disappointment may come in, and where most of the “Deluxe” is offered.  “Where It’s At (U.N.K.L.E. remix)” is definitely the highlight of the added material.   Other standouts would have to be the mildly entertaining “Thunder Peel,” “Brother,” “Clock” and “Strange Invitation.” Less we forget the Spanish translation of “Strange Invitation,” complete with mariachi horns. Yet the truly seasoned Beck fan would probably let you know that most of this material has been available thru single releases. 

All in all, it is a recommended score, especially if you can’t find your original copy of Odelay. What would have been nicer, though, is a follow up to the release of the “Timebomb” single.

Odelay Deluxe Edition is out now on Geffen Records.