Barton Carroll : The Lost One

barton_carroll_the_lost_one.jpgBarton Carroll does more than sing songs; he illustrates people and places, delivers them into acoustic worlds, and plays life into them. The North Carolina native does so with a stoic tone, only broken by flights of falsetto that carve corners of vulnerability into his steadfast constructions.

Carroll’s third album, The Lost One, is a beautifully simple collection of complex tales. “Pretty Girl’s Going to Ruin My Life (Again)” reaches toward country greatness with impending heartache, just as “Those Days are Gone, And My Heart is Breaking” reveals a fiery ball of regret within a cool acoustic pattern and even cooler delivery. And while heartbreak emerges fluidly with each picked string, Carroll’s niche as a wordsmith – a writer whose words mingle elegantly with music – shaves away any pity, his characters damaged yet true. Nowhere is this more evident than “Certain Circles,” the centerpiece of the album; a story told from mother to son, a story of fear and escape during wartime.

Barton Carroll is a songwriter that makes every note and every word count, his writing and playing as economical as any, yet the emotional effects more intense than most. The Lost One is full of stories about you, about me, and about messy lives in an even messier world.

The Lost One is out now on Skybucket Records.