Baroness : Yellow & Green

Listen to Baroness’ three albums – Red Album, Blue Record, and the most recent double-album release, Yellow & Green – in succession, and the trajectory of the Savannah, Georgia, metal crew is clear. With each release, they have sharpened their compositions, wrangling in the sprawling prog of the first  release and shaping  into the succinct blasts of heady rock and roll that shine across the most recent collection’s 18 tracks.

Sonically diverse, Yellow & Green plays out like two separate releases, each introduced with its own “theme.” Yellow reflects punchy, concise metal-influenced rockers interwoven with dreamy instrumentation. “Little Things,” “Cocainium,” and “Eula” demonstrate an expanded sonic palette from which the quartet paints detail. Thematically, Green is more spacious, breathing with a levity and unfurling with a more abstract perspective on  “Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor),” “Stretchmarker,” and the album closing “If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry.”

Baroness have created a double-album that packs more note-for-note impact than previous releases; however, the sheer length of the album dilutes the power. Nonetheless, Yellow & Green is their watershed moment, one that is sure to expand Baroness’ notoriety beyond the prog metal circles that have nurtured them until this point.

Yellow & Green is out now on Relapse Records.