Banditos: Visionland

Musical styles be damned in 2017, and it’s possible no band reinforces that point of view more than Nashville-via-Alabama’s Banditos. Their latest release, Visionland, is chock-full of tracks showing the act’s genre-bending dexterity.

From the psychedelia-laced title track to romping numbers like “DDT” and “Thick N’ Thin,” the band interweaves rock, Americana, and shades of punk with banjo, successfully delivering a unique aural experience.

“Still and Quiet,” is one of the stand-out numbers on Visionland; it features Mary Beth Richardson’s vocals over a  driving bass line and Stephen Pierce’s mesmerizing banjo. Another strong tune is “Lonely Boy,” which sees Banditos completely switch gears – the song has a vintage 50s/ 60s rock vibe to it.

And then, there’s “Healin’ Slow,” which takes the listener in an entirely different direction – something akin to soul/R&B – yet again turned into something different by way of Pierce’s banjo. 

And that’s what makes Visionland interesting – Banditos’ ability to take varied musical influences and create something entirely new that retains a certain nostalgia.