Bad Weather California : Sunkissed

Colorado band Bad Weather California’s sophomore release, Sunkissed, is a blissful, happy, punky, funky record that is a joy to listen to and is destined to make even the sulkiest depressive grin from ear to ear.

Clocking in at a concise 33 minutes, Sunkissed does not feel rushed. Short punk tunes, like “Skate or Try” and “Freaks and Geeks” are sandwiched between the spacey “Big Yellow Ball” and the grooving, futuristic  call-and-response jam “Let it Shine,” the repeating chorus, “Sunshine, take me home,” swelling to a surf guitar crescendo with a perfect ending.

The sun-drenched vocals, particularly on “When you Smile,” and “Stand in My Sunshine,” sound like a mix of a young Bob Dylan crossed with a young David Byrne if produced by Brian Wilson coming home stoked from his first tasty waves in psychedelic ‘60s California.

As we all groove in 2012, hopefully feeling happy and satisfied, we increasingly look to music to provide the soundtrack to our heady times.  Sunkissed will provide the music to go with your sunny hiking and swimming hole days, strung out winery picnics, beach bummin’, or and late-night lovemaking under the stars.  Go with the flow.

Sunkissed is out now on Family Tree Records.