Backyard Tire Fire : The Places We Lived

bytf_album_cvr.jpgThe Places We Lived is an intimate journey into the heart of middle America; a journey into a landscape populated with family, friends, and neighbors. A landscape that is not perfect.  A landscape that is just like where you live. Bouncing along with the same feel and cadence of early Neil Young, Backyard Tire Fire has crafted a masterful follow-up to 2007’s highly acclaimed Vagabonds & Hooligans.

With a keen eye and a sharp tongue, guitarist Ed Anderson (who serves as the band’s primary songwriter) ingests what he sees around him in his daily life, and constructs songs that sing to the everyman, from the simple pain of seeing someone living in your old house (“The Places We Lived”), to the run-down feeling of life locked in an inescapable place and pattern (“Everybody’s Down”), to being stuck in a dead-end job (“Welcome to the Factory”). 

With such common themes, cliches are always a risk; however, Anderson keeps the ideas simple and true.  He sings with his heart in his throat, while brother Matt (bass) and Tim Kramp (drums) play with the simple relaxed feel of a front porch and a favorite rocking chair, albeit with a half-empty case of Budweiser and another cold one already in hand.

For Anderson his motivation is simple, “My objective in the songwriting process is to be honest. I want folks to feel like the tune was written for them.” The Places We Lived is nothing but honest, and yes, it was written just for you.

The Places We Lived is out now on Hyena Records.