Backyard Tire Fire takes Places We Lived to Midpoint Music Festival

Backyard Tire Fire
Lodge Bar
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 27, 2008

Appearing as a part of Cincinnati, Ohio’s answer to Austin, Texas’ South By Southwest, the freshly initiated Midpoint Music Festival, Illinois’ Backyard Tire Fire was an anticipated headliner to round out the festival on September 27.

Touring behind the highly acclaimed The Places We Lived, Ed and Matt Anderson and drummer Tim Kramp along with humorous assistance from the members of openers Ha Ha Tonka energized a boisterous audience with well placed covers and the edgy material of the new disc. Ed Anderson belted out the bluesy rhythms of "One Wrong Turn" as easily as he mastered "Got My Mojo Working" later in the set.

Matt Anderson’s fluid bass lines colored the title track from recent album, and his backing vocals on the Roger Miller cover "King of the Road" had the Saturday night crowd dancing and bobbing their heads in unison in front of the stage. Kramp’s forceful drumming style anchored Backyard Tire Fire’s razor sharp cover of The Beatles’ "I’m So Tired" as Ed Anderson enlivened the tune with a brash vocal treatment.

But, it was songs like "Welcome to the Factory" from The Places We Lived that connected most to the Midpoint festival denizens. Roaring with feedback and distortion, Ed and Matt Anderson’s guitars proved to be a one two punch that was hard to top on the festival’s three day schedule.

Backyard Tire Fire ended the set with a rousing take on "How in the Hell Did You Get Back Here?," sending the Midpoint Music Festival attendees out into the warm vibes of the September night.