Assembly of Dust: Recollection

Assembly of Dust did not have to think hard when naming their latest release. 

They just had to give it a listen.

Recollection is made up of songs that conjure up thoughts of the 1970's, and that's not a bad thing.  Focusing on songwriting and melodies as opposed to wasted notes and aimless noodling, this is a successful disc across the board.

Reid Genauer's vocals are syrupy sweet, and the backing vocals mesh perfectly as the instruments weave in and out.  He and keyboardist Nate Wilson crafted ten songs that echo an earlier time, and do so successfully.

"Telling Sue" has an acoustic Workingman's Dead vibe to it (the words "working man" even make an ironic appearance in the lyrics), while Wilson's keys and lead guitarist Adam Terrell's precise ax fretwork mesh on "Whistle Clock."

"Samuel Aging" definitely feels like Dire Straits at times, while "40 Reasons" sounds like it easily could have been written by Neil Young, circa Harvest, with its meandering pace and gritty, picturesque lyrics.

However, while this disc may "recollect" some of the great classic rock sounds of decades past, it is most definitely stamped by AOD, and showcases a band at their best.  Seasoned, tasteful, and not too slick, the instruments bounce off each other with a simplicity that comes from knowing each other and putting in the time to get things just right. 

Instead of putting the focus on the playing, Assembly of Dust made Recollection about the song.  In today's world of gratuitous guitar solos and mindless jamming, it's a welcome change.


Recollection will be in stores on March 6th.