AsheFest goes back to festivals’ roots

Ashefest intends to bring festivals back to their roots.

Organizers are designing the Asheville, North Carolina fest with the idea that bigger isn't always better, touting that festivals today are trying to have as many bands as possible, detracting from the longevity of the music. 

"Up and coming bands are often left out or left with too little stage time.  Forty-five minutes to one hour of music per band is just not enough!  That's when the music is just getting warmed up," says Ashefest's Brad Winecoff.  He says that at Ashefest, the goal is to have fewer bands and longer sets of music.

So far, they've got a solid line-up, featuring Particle, New Monsoon, RAQ, Bobby Lee Rodgers & the Codetalkers, the Recipe, u-Melt, and many more. 

Along with the performances, they're organizing a gathering that "people will remember for years to come."  During the coming months you will see many additions to the festival, such as nightly themes, workshops, and art exhibitions. 

You will also see a focus on comfort for attendees that far surpass the festivals you've attended before.  Ashefest will be held at Deefield's – on private property, not at a city stadium or other municipal venue where "the police presence can be overwhelming."  Winecoff says that they will have the necessary security in place to allow a positive festival experience for everyone.

Winecoff attests that "this is your festival and ours – all of us: organizers, artists, bands, volunteers and especially you the audience.  Let's make it a great one so that we have many more to come!"

For more information, visit Ashefest's Web site