Asaf Sirkis : The Song Within

While his name may be unfamiliar to most, Asaf Sirkis is a true virtuoso of percussion, a musician whose mastery of the rhythmic principles knows no bounds. Using the hand drums of his Arabic heritage, or playing behind a traditional drum kit emulating the masters of modern jazz, Sirkis is a performer who seems destined to become the new standard of just how magnificent a drummer can be.

asaf_sirkis.jpgOn his latest release, The Song Within, Sirkis is joined by his band The Inner Noise, comprised of guitarist Mike Outram and keyboardist/organist Steve Lodder. Together, the trio combines elements of classical composition with modern jazz and progressive rock, performed in improvisational style to create a disc that is as breathtaking as it is beautiful.

While Sirkis’ gets name billing, Lodder’s organ is just as integral to the trio sounds.  Unlike most modern day performers, Lodder forgoes the traditional Hammond organ, opting instead or an old fashioned church-style organ. The result is a rich, spiritual sound unlike most any other jazz music being made today  When combined with Sirkis’ flowing, vibrant drumming, The Song Within is proof positive that this trio is one of the most innovative and inventive jazz groups of our time.

The Song Within is out now on Sam.