Antietam : Opus Mixtum

antietem.jpgLong lauded as an underground guitar goddess, Tara Key and her band Antietam have released an epic album twenty years into their career, furthering the notion of Key as a guitar legend and pushing the band’s indie cred into the stratosphere. 

Originally intended as two separate albums, the first a straight-ahead rock album capturing Antietam’s unmistakable live energy, the second an experimental, instrumental adventure highlighting the band’s more creative side. Opus Mixtum merges those two concepts into the massive double album – named for the ancient Roman method of laying brick – combining different patterns and representing  the straight-ahead rock for which Antietam is known, the acoustic pop of Key’s solo work, and the instrumental soundtrack of the band’s lives.

Opus Mixtum showcases the trio (Key, bassist Tim Harris and drummer Josh Madell) moving between styles effortlessly, all while maintaining the musical personality that makes Antietam such a unique band.  While frequent stylistic changes can often come across as tiresome, leaving the listener feeling drained,  Antietam comes off sounding exactly like who they are. And that is a good thing.

Opus Mixtum is out now on Carrot Top Records.