Another perspective: An inside look at Brock Butler’s latest project

bbutler1.jpgBrock Butler has garnered his notoriety from his innovative work as the front man and guitarist for Perpetual Groove. In this role, fans have come to know him as a whimsical lyricist and heavy weight axe-wielder.

However, the side that Butler displays on his yet untitled debut solo effort is anything but face-melting; it’s an album that one could listen to with a grandmother who would rather lay on a bed of nails than listen to a Perpetual Groove show.

It is a humble and emotional eight track journey that is both reflective and relevant. It is a genre-spanning effort with hints of folk and Paul Simon. In short, this album is a gem.

Brock was kind enough to allow us into the studio to document the album being recorded at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia with sound engineer David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers) at the helm.

The following is footage from that day, along with interviews from contributors to the album including Brock himself – topics range from fashion sense, to the space in time that we are occupying, to the album itself.

Join us for a preview of what is yet to come:

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