Anna Ternheim : Leaving on a Mayday

aanna_ternheim_leaving.pngOn her second release, Sweden’s Anna Ternheim turns toward a new direction with the post modern swing of Leaving on a Mayday.

Ternheim’s usual folksy ruminations are put on the backburner, traded in for the dark David Gray-ish smoldering pop of "Damaged Ones." Euro-dance trance affects the inward questioning of Ternheim’s bracing opening track, "What Have I Done." "Terrified" indulges Eastern symphonic strains, while Ternheim’s lyrical approach hits its stride on the image inspiring number "Let It Rain."

Produced by Bjorn Yttling (Peter Bjorn and John), Leaving on a Mayday reveals Anna Ternheim building on the promise of her U.S. compositional debut, Halfway to Fivepoints, with a stunning urgency that leaves her listeners begging for more.

Leaving on a Mayday is out now on Universal.